History Repeats Itself

Terry Zupan Sr. grew up in a manufacturing environment as his father owned and operated a large manufacturing company in Ohio from 1941-1972 where Terry worked, as he attended Fenn Engineering College (later to become Cleveland State University). His interest in manufacturing led him to finish a technical trade school at night learning tool and die design while serving a tool and die apprenticeship during the day during the late 1960’s. Moving out to California in 1976, he started Primo Tool & Die and built tools, dies, and fixtures to produce such items as the Stinger Weapons System, Cluster bomb and missile parts, and many other items for the defense industry during the early 80’s.

As Terry Jr. was growing up watching his dad ply his trade, he began to take an interest and help out on weekends and summers. As the world changed and the defense industry waned, the company redirected itself toward the electronics industry, manufacturing highly precision machinery and parts to support their assembly lines. As that industry evolved and began to go overseas, the company again reinvented itself and turned to the commercial airline industry, making stampings, welded sub-assemblies and machining parts for the passenger seats and directing itself from producing tooling to the manufacturing of production items. When the commercial airline industry declined in the early 90’s, the company evolved again and created its own line of products in the automotive aftermarket industry at which time Terry Jr. following in his father’s footsteps, attended a local college, taking courses in business and CNC machining at night while working at the business during the day.

The company changed its name to Zoops Products in 1995, and developed a line of patented engine component systems for hot rods and muscle cars. It was during this time that Terry Jr. spearheaded and developed the company into a state of the art CAD CAM facility and the company began to grow to a substantial force in its industry. It is still known as the leader and has become the leader and standard for alternator, air conditioning, power-steering, and pulley component systems. The company won many industry awards, such as: 2000 SEMA’s best engineered product of the year for its patented bracket systems and 1998 SRMA Best Website for its forward looking web site, competing against industry giants such as Ford Motor, GM,

>Holly Corp. built 10 separate landmark cars to celebrate it’s 100 year anniversary and choose Zoops Products. In 2006, Terry Sr. and Terry Jr. sold their interest in Zoops Products to a private investor who is successfully running the business today, a testament to the successful organization and management that was created within the company.

As the millennium unfolds, the company is looking forward to building another state of the art machining and manufacturing facility with its diverse knowledge to produce other people’s parts and products. It’s the company’s hope that discriminating people will become a TeeZey customers and experience a manufacturer that understands quality first in a timely manner for a reasonable cost. We look forward to becoming a valuable supplier for your organization’s needs.